Watch Two Cinematic Jokers Fight to the Death!

Just recently, an excellent group of YouTubers (Ismahawk) released a new video in their Minute Match Ups web series. The title of the video is JOKER (The Dark Knight) Vs JOKER (Suicide Squad). Being a fan of the guys over at Ismahawk (these guys really know what they are doing), I knew that this was going to be awesome (Jokers fight to the death!). And it is! Especially the sweet little twist at the end…

Watch Two Cinematic Jokers Fight to the Death!

The guys here have done an exceptional job portraying these two iconic cinematic Jokers. At first, it felt like this was an extreme cosplay party re-enacting some of their favorite lines and scenes. But after watching the video a few times, I couldn’t help but appreciate the great job these guys have done here.

Noel Schefflin does a great job replicating Heath Ledger’s voice and some of his actions. But his performance seems a bit clumsy. Jan Flugum is more convincing as Janet Leto’s Joker. His voice and overall performance are almost spot on. I genuinely feel that this is as close as you can get when imitating these two characters. Remember, Heath Ledger, put on an Oscar-winning performance in The Dark Knight. And Mr. Leto, being an Oscar winner as well, brought something unique to his Joker.

I would like to say to the guys at Ismahawk, Please do keep up the great work and give us more of this! And more Nightwing! I wouldn’t change anything in this video. Well, maybe one thing. I think it would have been awesome if Jack Nicholson’s Joker was in it as well!

Other Notable Minute Match Ups

My favorite in the series before the Joker match up was The Flash and Quicksilver Match Up. It was the fist one that I saw and I still like what they have done in that video. The Effects and CGI are amazing. You can really see high production values here. You can check out more match ups on their YouTube channel. Match ups like Green Arrow and Hawkeye or Deadpool Vs Dawn of Deadpool.

Nightwing: The Series

Another one of many great productions from Ismahawk is Nightwing: The Series. A 5 episode web series that tells the story of Nightwing played by Danny Shepherd. I had a lot of fun watching this a few years ago. The story is really good and the guys stay very close to the source material and the Nightwing mythos. There’s also plenty of Deathstroke in here too. So it will be a great idea to watch this now seeing that Deathstroke is the villain in the next Batman movie.

Ismahawk has come a long way since Nightwing. I hope they do continue doing what they do. You can show some support at Patreon which will help them on their next project.


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