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Villain Spotlight – the Talons from the Court of Owls

The Court of Owls is a secret cult that operates within the city of Gotham. This secret society partakes in various forms of organized crimes. Just like any major crime syndicate, The Court of owls frequently makes use of their most valuable asset, an assassin. And what the court has in the form of deadly assassins are The Talons.

In this article, I will explore the mythos behind The Talons. More specifically just one Talon, William Cobb. This particular assassin made his physical debut in issue 2 when he was given the task of murdering Bruce Wayne. We will analyze William Cobbs every move from The Court of Owls storyline, which is from issue 1 to issue 7.

The Talons

The Talons are superhuman assassins that are bred by The Court of Owls. These characters (including The Court of Owls) have been created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Scott served as the writer on the New 52 Batman comic book run (Batman Vol 2) while Greg provided the stunning artwork that has made this series one of the best in comics.

The Talon actually made his mark in the very first issue of the New 52 Batman run, Batman Volume 2. Batman investigates the murder of a mysterious John Doe who is pinned to a wall by multiple throwing knives. These knives are the main weapon used by The Talons. The owl sym

The Talon actually made his mark in the very first issue of the New 52 Batman run, Batman Volume 2. Batman investigates the murder of a mysterious John Doe who is pinned to a wall by multiple throwing knives. These knives are the main weapon used by The Talons. The owl symbol at the bottom of each knife is what links these weapons back to The Talon.

The Talon Was Ordered to Kill Bruce Wayne

Batman New 52 Issue 2

The Talon’s actual first physical appearance was in the second issue of the New 52 Batman series. He was sent to assassinate Bruce Wayne right at the top of Wayne Tower. He fought with Bruce Wayne (who restrained himself in order to not raise any questions over his identity) and eventually kicked him out of the window. This Talon assassin is so hardcore that he actually followed Bruce out the window as he fell to his death, just to make sure that the job gets done. Bruce Wayne does, however, manage to evade The Talon who after all this effort ends up falling to his death.

This was a lucky day for Bruce Wayne who managed to escape. The same goes for The Talon, who we thought was presumed dead. But he awakens at the end of the issue in the back of an ambulance. He then straight away takes control of the ambulance and makes his escape. Bruce Wayne actually inflicted a few knockout blows to this Talon who actually didn’t even feel a thing. He fell from one of the highest buildings in Gotham and just walked got up and walked on. Not only does he possess super strength but also what could possibly be a healing factor.

Batman New 52 Issue 2

The Talons Lair

In issue 3 we see Batman’s incredible detective skills lead him to a few locations that are considered to be the secret homes of the Talons. There’s a creepy framed picture of a group of people in owl masks with a date – June 1891. The Talons old suit from that period is also in that room. Batman makes his way to the newest hideout which was built in 2006. The room is filled with weapons and old suits. There’s even an updated picture of the Talon in his most recent suit standing among people with owl masks on. Batman has definitely found the right place but unfortunately, hits a trip wire which causes an explosion.

 Face the Court

The Talon pops up briefly in issue 4 of the New 52 Batman series. He breaks through a wall and grabs Batman and then throws him into The Court of Owls very own Labyrinth. He does, however, play a big role in the mental and physical downfall of Batman during The Dark Knight’s one week stay in the Labyrinth. And ultimately tries to end Batman’s life by stabbing him clean through his back!

Batman does, however, manage to rise up and fight back against The Court of owls and their Talon. Batman eventually defeats The Talon and continues to escape from the Labyrinth. In issue 7, Alfred manages to uncover the body of the defeated Talon that was dumped in the frozen water by the Court of Owls. After some intense investigating, Batman uncovers the True identity of The Talon.

His Name is William Cobb and he is the Great-Grandfather of Dick Grayson (Nightwing). Dick Grayson is from a circus family which has been performing for generations. William Cobb was also drafted from the circus to use as an assassin for the Court of Owls. He is a perfect physical specimen. Dick Grayson is the latest in a line of circus performers that will be some day become a Talon.

Batman New 52 Issue 6

There’s More Than One Talon

Meanwhile, William Cobb is but only one Assasin and one Talon. The court has dozens more at they disposal. They certainly didn’t take Batmans escape lightly because they eventually decided to let all those Talons loose!

I great Villain who possess super strength and speed. He has the ability to heal quickly as well. The Court of Owls managed to create a compound that is capable of re-animating dead tissue. This is how The Court manages to bring him back to life so that he can go out and kill for them.

Batman New 52 Issue 7

This is all we know about the Talon after the first 7 issues. Keep coming back to for more reviews and future roundups of Villains and Heros.

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