Being Batman

This Is the Real Dark Knight : Being Batman Documentary

Did you know that Canada has their very own Dark Knight? Yes, Batman is patrolling the mean streets of Brampton Ontario, catching bad guys. He is mostly seen driving around in his Batmobile. This phenomenon has been adapted into a short film called Being Batman. Some might think that this is a really strange idea or concept. Or even just another guy in a Batsuit. But the man behind the mask is Very serious about what he does.

Being Batman

As you can see, the real-life Canadian Bruce Wayne is very serious about fighting crime. He has even stated that he has already captured some criminals! It really doesn’t seem legit at first. But he does explain that he is proficient in Ninjitsu and knows how to use traditional weapons like a Sai and Nunchucks

No denying that this man is an uber Bat-fan. He has some really cool collectibles and posters in his lair. And some really great custom gadgets. I am really loving his Batmobile. That sound when he fires up the engine sent chills down my spine!

But is this Crazy?

Crazy that this guy is taking this whole Batman concept too far? Does he really think he is Batman? Is he crazy? The documentary takes a look at this concept from his point of view. He is very aware of what he’s doing and chooses to continue doing it. He has the ways and means and most of all, the motivation to carry out his duties as The Dark Knight.

Some of us have at some point in our lives fantasized about being Batman. But we never could see ourselves getting to that point at all. This man has used his passion for helping him deal with his real life tragedies in a way that most of us are too afraid to even consider. He chooses to not play the victim, but instead, play the greatest role ever. I’m Batman!!

Being Batman Being Batman

The Documentary was created by Lossless Creative. It is episode 3 in a series of short films based on innovative people who see the world in a different way.

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