Justice League Trailer

New Justice League Trailer and Breakdown

The guys over at DC recently dropped a magnificent trailer of the latest Justice League movie. The trailer looks amazing and has more dialogue from the actors and some very cool action and fight sequences. Check out the New Justice League Trailer (and Breakdown) Below.

New Justice League Trailer

The latest Justice League Trailer has received some great reaction from fans. And rightfully so because it is simply amazing. We get to see heroes like Cyborg, The Flash, and Aquaman take on Parademons. There’s also a sweet little team up between Batman and Aquaman at the end of the trailer. I like what Jason Momoa brings to the Aquaman character. He seems very ‘easy going’ at times which is similar to current iterations of the Aquaman character.

Emergency Awesome

I chose the above trailer with a complete breakdown courtesy of Youtube comic book channel Emergency Awesome just to give you more insight into this up and coming epic. Heres more info on them from thier channel:-

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The Justice League Movie is set to be released on 17 November 2017.

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