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Its Time to Get Dark! Justice League Dark Review

There has been much talk of a live-action film adaptation of the Justice League Dark comic in recent years. I wasn’t surprised to hear that DC had announced an animated version instead. I recently got ahold of that movie and was very excited to hear that Jay Oliva had directed the movie. What I can tell you after watching this movie is that its very good and I love it! Read my Justice League Dark Review and find out why I like this movie so much.

Justice League Dark (Spoilers Ahead)


A supernatural threat has emerged and is possessing innocent people across a few cities. These possessions are causing hallucinations which is leading to the deaths of more civilians. Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League have no idea on how to go about eliminating this supernatural element. Batman is given a message from Boston Brand (Deadman) to contact John Constantine. With the help of Zatanna, Batman finds Constantine who teams up with the rest of the crew to find out and eliminate this newly found evil threat.

Unlike most of DC’s adaptations, this premise is loosely based on the comics that were created by Peter Milligan. I read a review saying that Wonder Woman is most suited to take on supernatural threats. This is very true but Deadman chose Batman (because he is a “big fan’ like us!). The premise and the entire story is very solid. The only thing lacking is Swamp Thing (pun intended!).

Justice League Dark Review

Justice League Dark takes some of DC’s (Vertigo) lesser known characters and united them to form an unexpected team that’s capable of handling supernatural enemies. This unusual team up is given a bit of a boost in this movie adaptation with the inclusion of Batman (who doesn’t feature in the comics). As mentioned earlier the team does a good job of gelling with each other. However, its Constantine who does most of the heavy lifting here. Zatanna and Jason Blood assist the team with extreme force when they need it most.

I liked the fact that going dark was kind of the theme here. The innocents that were possessed were doing rather sick things to harm others. Zatanna has a moment when she goes all out evil and tries to kill Felix Faust. The only thing that stopped her was Constantine, who was amazing in this movie.

“I have a Butler” – Batman. That line Killed me!

Notable Performances

John Constantine

Constantine is amazing in this movie! He’s a total Badass! Previous live-action iterations of John Constantine, played by Keanu Reeves and Matt Ryan, are so much more toned down in comparison to this movie’s Constantine (Voiced perfectly by Matt Ryan). This Constantine is extremely powerful and takes everything in his stride. He is willing to do anything, even play dirty in order to get what he wants. My only gripe is that his look is a bit too polished and good looking. They didn’t manage to pull off his rugged look from the comics.


I liked that Zatanna (voiced by Camilla Luddington) has a history with Constantine and that there was a spark of romance evident in this movie. They managed to pull off a good look for her, one that’s true to the Justice League Dark comics. But I would have preferred that sexy magician outfit stay on. Just like how I would have preferred to see more of her in action. We got a taste of her superior abilities, but only a taste. Her talents were seriously wasted with her having to sit out the entire 3rd act.

Deadman, Batman and Jason Blood

I must say that the voice acting is perfect for these characters. The familiar voice of Jason O’Mara as Batman and Nicholas Turturro as Boston Brand AKA Deadman are spot on and their role as supporting actors is well played. I like the small bits of humor that Deadman and even Batman bring to this film. Ray Chase as Jason Blood is a good addition. He even pulls of that aggressive voice of Etrigan the Demon in a very expertly manner.

Constantine is amazing in this movie! He’s a total Badass!

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

  • I liked this movie
  • The animation is amazing
  • These “reject, dirty dozen” type characters gelled very well
  • Chemistry between Constantine and Zatanna
Didn’t Like
  • Wasted Swamp Thing character
  • The overall look of Constantine and Zatanna

How Good is Justice League Dark

A lot of non-DC fans will find this movie very intriguing. They will probably enjoy it. Maybe just as much as DC fans. It might be so successful that Warner Bros might even go ahead with the live action version that’s slowly being developed. But I am getting ahead of myself here. The Constantine series didn’t do too well. So it may not be a good time for this sort of genre? But that was a TV series. And some say that the series was not well suited for the network it was on.

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