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Batman News Feb 2017 – Affleck Not Directing Batman Movie

The gossip surrounding the production of the next Batman movie is really reaching new heights. You can’t blame it for doing so because the news and hype towards that movie are moving so fast. There is literally new Batman News coming out almost every day. Here’s a roundup of the latest Batman news from that upcoming movie

New Batman Solo Movie – Recap

Ok, this may not be that new, but a recap of what has gone down so far. After his great performance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck is now given the opportunity to star in a solo Batman Movie. This is a no brainer. Affleck’s well-received performance and the current hype on the new Justice League movie alone warrants a new Batman movie. The other big news is that Affleck will not only star in the film, but he will direct it as well. Affleck will also have creative control over the script. This is probably because of the work he has done on the Oscar-winning movie Argo. Studios and fans alike are happy with this decision and are ready for the long agonizing wait for the movie’s release which will be sometime in 2018. It is possible that this movie might only be ready in 2019

The villain for the movie has also been announced. It will be Deathstroke who will be played by Joe Manganiello. Jaret Leto might make an appearance as The Joker. Jeremy Irons will be back as Alfred and JK Simmons will by lighting things up as Jim Gordan.

Ben Affleck Will Not Direct the next Batman Movie

Fans are currently in a flat spin because Ben Affleck recently announced that he will not direct the next Batman movie. Affleck mentioned that “performing this role demands focus, passion, and the very best performance that I can give. It is clear that I cannot perform both jobs to the level that is required”. This statement certainly makes a lot of sense and is in no way a bad thing. Affleck is more than capable of writing, starring, and directing a movie. He has done it before.

But, he has done it within a suitable pace on a less hectic schedule. The current deadlines are very harsh and having a Great Batman movie ready by 2018 is going to be difficult. He cant really go full out into that movie right now because he is busy with other movies. So calling on a new director isn’t such a bad idea.

Matt Reeves in Talks to Direct the next Batman Movie

Matt Reeves, best known for directing the last two Planet of the Apes movies has been approached to take over directing duties on the Batman movie. With so many talented directors out there, Reeves does seem like a strange choice. But Affleck did mention that he needs a director to collaborate with and not a director who will change the entire vision of the movie. Someone like WB’s own George Miller is a great choice. But he is a type of director that will want a huge amount of creative control and make the movie his own.

Batman News

Matt Reeves seems to be the most suitable candidate to assist Affleck and Geoff Johns in bringing their vision for their Batman movie to life. Reeves is known to work on large scale films and should be able to handle what’s to come in the next Batman movie.

Reeves has accepted the offer from Warner Bros. but is still awaiting to sign up officially as director. Here’s a cool article worth reading:-

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