Batman New 52 Issue 7

Batman #7 Review – The Talons Strike!

Batman has somehow managed to escape the Court of Owls in the Insane climax to the New 52 Batman Issue 6. But the fact that The Dark Knight was Triumphant in defeating the Talon was not the only cliffhanger that we were left with at the end of the story. It seems that there are plenty more Talons where he came from. And they are about to be let loose now in Batman #7!

Batman New 52 Issue 7

Batman #7 Review – Spoilers Ahead

The first page is the familiar iconic scene of Bruce Wayne sitting in his study in Wayne Manor reflecting on his life while a Bat smashes through the window and stares at him. It is a very Miller-Esque sequence. A time when Bruce gives in to his inner self and becomes a Bat. So epic and poetic. But this special event is interrupted in the very next page by the arrival of a huge Owl which snatches the Bat as if it were just a piece of dead meat! The owl retreats to a tree and continues to devour the bat. A sick metaphor of the Court of Owls destroying Batman.

We realize in the next page that this was all just a dream. A near death vision when we see Batman being brought back to life by a mysterious Goth chick (she would later be revealed as Harper Row – Bluebird). Batman was totally ungrateful for her saving his life. But in a mysterious way because it seemed like the two had som sort of a history.

Batman New 52 Issue 7

Wakey Wakey

We get to experience the awakening ritual of a Talon. And from the point of view of the actual dude, they are awakening! A very creepy scene indeed. Something we have come to expect from the Dynamic Duo Snyder and Capullo.

Batman finally makes it back to the Batcave. He confronts Alfred who in a great reveal also has the original Talon that Batman defeated with him. After nearly dying, Batman still refuses to rest. Instead, he chooses to examine the lifeless body of the Talon who he identified as William Cobb.

Nightwing makes yet another appearance into the Batcave. He also tries once again to get some sort of a conversation going with Batman (who looks like crap at the moment). Batman does reveal his findings in the form of an origin story which revealed that the Talon was Dick Grayson’s Great-Grandfather. Just like Dick Grayson, William Cobb was also a member of Haly’s Circus.

The Talons Strike!

The rituals and preparations are still going on back at the Owl base. A large group of Talons is carefully listening to one of their leaders as he carries out his battle speech. A speech that ends with him giving them the order to take out Batman and reclaim the city of Gotham! Like perfect soldiers, the Talons obey as they dive off the balcony into Gotham’s night sky in search of Batman.

Batman New 52 Issue 7

Is Batman #7 Any Good?

This issue can be seen as a break from the literal insanity experienced in the last few issues. It is the final issue in The Court of Owls story arc. There was a lot of explanations going around about who the Talon really is and his motivations. I like the twist where Nightwing is supposedly a future Talon. Especially the part where Batman casually knocked a tooth out of his mouth to prove a point to him! Very reminiscent of that old school Batman Slapping Robin Meme.

The scenes with the owls preparing their assassins are very creepy. A very Occult setting. A setting that seems somehow so familiar yet so original. The Cinematic climax with a whole bunch of Talons diving off The Court of Owls penthouse is breathtaking.

This issue is a great build up to the next arc, Night of the Owls. Things get very crazy in the next few issues. Batman is forced to takes things to a whole new level so he can defeat a whole group of Talons.

Standout Image

This standout image for Batman #7 has to go to the man who calmly proves his point. By aggressively backhanding Dick Grayson. This action removed a tooth from his mouth. A tooth which had the seal of The Court of Owls.

Batman New 52 Issue 7

Batman New 52 Issue 7

Batman New 52 Issue 7

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