Batman New 52 Issue 6

Batman #6 Review – Beneath the Glass

First and Foremost, The cover to this issue is Freeking Hardcore! I am yet to see a comic book cover as eye-catching lay good as this one. I love it. But more on that later. Batman #6 of the brilliant New 52 series picks up where the last issue ended, the possible demise of The Dark Knight (Again!). Issue 5 ended with a spectacular drawing of The Talon driving his blade through Batman. Batman is still trapped in the hidden underground labyrinth of The Court of Owls. It was bloody, horrific and shocking. Is this the end of Batman?

Batman #6 Review – Spoilers Ahead!

Batman is badly hurt and is seen crawling away with a nearly fatal stab wound in his belly. The guy who did this to him is standing right there, taunting him. At the very moment when Batman realizes that the Talon had moved the camera that took his picture earlier, he gets smacked in the face with that same camera! Batman seems to be barely holding his consciousness when the Talon uses his super strength to lift Batman up so that he can present him to The Court of Owls.

In a very freakish looking scene, we see that a group of people with large owl masks are above. They have been watching Batman all along. They appear to be scary, vile creatures at first. But upon a closer look, they are just men and woman (and a girl) dressed in normal clothing with owl masks on. The scary visions remind us that Batman is still hallucinating because he has been trapped there for more than a week.

Hurt Him… More!

The Court of Owls take turns to decide on Batman faith. The eventually leave the verdict in the hands of a child who decides on hurting the Bat even further. The Talon obediently obliges and starts beating the crap out of Batman, or whatever is left of him. Batman is left for death. The Court of Owls flees towards his body so that they can have him and do whatever they please. Batman initially accepted his fate. But later realized that he does not want to share the same fate as his ancestor, Alan Wayne. Alan Wayne died scared, begging for help. That is not the way Batman will go out.

Batman New 52 Issue 6


Batman rises above the group of Owls who fall off his body as he screams Enough! He transforms himself into a beast like being so that he can use his last bit of strength to defeat the Talon. And finally, confesses that he is now sick to death of owls as he dishes it out to the Talon. He once held this Talon in high regard and taught of him as the major threat. But Batman now sees that he is just a thug that works for the Court of owls. He kicks the Talon through a few walls which lead to the possible death of this villain. Batman uses the filament plates from the broken camera to blast out of the court. He leaves with a warning that he will be back for the court of owls.

The court of owls examines the Talon as they decide what to do with him. Some say that he can still be revived and fixed. An elder woman with an owl mask points out saying that there is no need for that. They have plenty more Talons available and she wants to wake them all up now!

Batman New 52 Issue 6

How Great Is This Issue?

Batman finally manages to break out of the court of owls. This is probably the most beating he has ever taken physically and mentally. The artwork is sadistic and terrifying. It is a job perfect for someone like Greg Capullo who shines on this issue. His outstanding cover, as well as evil Batman with fangs, is brilliant. My eyes always stare towards this bat-owl-monster cover. Even when I have actually seen it more than 100 times. It will go down as one of the coolest images in Batman comics history for sure.

Standout Image

ENOUGH! Or as Frank Miller’s Dark Knight would say, NO MORE! We see batman reincarnated as a Monster-Bat-Beast. this is probably the most Metal Batman you will ever see. Oh and the cover is probably the most timeless cover you will see in modern day comics. I will forever picture the cover for Batman #6 whenever there is mention of The Court of Owls.

Batman New 52 Issue 6

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