A Few years ago, I underwent a few traumatic experiences that would change my life forever. During these times I did reach new personal lows and was in desperate need of a lift from my current state.

I turned to Batman (just like many others in similar situations) and he was my release and my savior at this moment of my life. After going trough classic graphic novels like Hush, The Long Halloween, and The Dark Knight Returns, I found myself running out of great Batman stories to read. I needed something ‘New’ to impress and satisfy me.

That Something New would come in the form of The New 52 Batman run of comics which was written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Greg Capullo. I have spent endless nights glued to these comics in amazement and fascination of the story and the artwork.

I dedicate this Fansite to my most favorite run in comics, The New 52 Batman. I hope these comics will continue to inspire more people in the years to come.

Please do contact me at info@batman52.com if you wish to share some of your own experiences with The Dark Knight.


Jameel (Jamz)